I was always too afraid to make the leap into full time real-estate…until I found Keller Williams. I spent a large chunk of my adult life in our family-owned mortgage company and sold real estate very part-time on the side. I never learned how to build a sustainable business or how to be a successful full time agent. I became licensed in 2002 but didn’t use it as a primary source of income until I was introduced to Keller Williams in 2015. I went from making $12,400 with 1 million in sales in 2015 – to $80,000 and 4.6 million in sales in 2016! The best things about working with Keller Williams would have to be the team culture that took me in, holds me accountable, coaches me in my weaknesses, and encourages me to be my very best every day! Without the support of my KW family, my incredible clients, and my fantastic teammates I would not be who I am today. I’m eternally grateful.

— Beth Petersen Randalls

As a mother of 9 beautiful children, I aspired to find a company that valued “ME.” I interviewed many agencies who needed me to reinvent the wheel, but once I found Keller, they gave me the ability to grow in ways I never dreamt possible. If I was going to build a successful career, I needed to be surrounded by a culture that helped me believe the sky was the limit. I had always asked the question, “why” would I be obligated to share a percentage of my ongoing profits, when it was my personal hard work and accomplishments that got me there? To this day, I still don’t understand how agents in other companies are okay with that. KW is the reason that I can sell $44 million dollars in real estate volume and feel in control. My best advice to a potential agent: Do it sooner rather than later! The status quo isn’t all it’s cracked up to be!

— Carrie & Steve Schmitz

My ‘Why Board’ and my reasons to achieve the goals I set for myself are substantially larger than the reasons not to achieve those goals. I chose results over reasons and continue to do so in my climb to the top with as much disregard for the fear of failure as humanly possible. In my first 2 years in Real Estate, I knew if I wasn’t willing to do what most were not and strive for 110% effort I wouldn’t reach my goals. The trick to success is understanding you may never achieve 110% rather it’s the direction of the path in search for perfection that truly defines one’s success.


— Chad Skluzacek 

We had a big vision to grow our business and our previous company did not have the systems or models to help us achieve our goals. With its traditional brokerage model of never capping commission, it cost our family tens of thousands of dollars which stalled our growth. Making the move to KW was the single best decision we made for our business. By leveraging the MREA models, systems, and tools available to us – and learning to become better leaders, our business has grown by over 450%. We’ve achieved more than just an increase in our income, we’ve achieved a better life spending more time with our family. We are grateful to be in business with such a great company. 

— Jonas & Holly Stomberg